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Kelly is an actor, producer & writer.


Raised in Melbourne, Australia, Kelly convinced her parents to enrol her in acting classes at St Martins Youth Theatre, igniting a passion for a craft she would foster into her adult years. 


Kelly graduated from Charles Sturt University's full time acting program where she honed her skills for both the screen and stage. Seeking every opportunity to further her skills during this time, Kelly spent six weeks at the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Art participating in their Professional Training Program.  


Since receiving her BA (Acting for Screen & Stage), Kelly spent time living and learning the ins and outs of Hollywood and also worked with the esteemed Elizabeth Kemp from The Actor's Studio. 


In 2016, Kelly moved to Vancouver to pursue her career. During her 3 years in Canada, Kelly studied with the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles and Christianne Hirt at Rogues West Studio in Vancouver. Her training paid off and she was cast in several theatre and film productions in North America.


Kelly's belief in creating work for yourself that makes an impact is what pushed her to write and produce. Her hustler mentality and passion for independent projects has pushed her to take on multiple roles in including casting director and production manager.

Kelly has just recently moved back to Melbourne and can't wait to jump back into the Australian industry. She is is currently a producer on an upcoming independent feature film & has several projects filming this year. She is also writing her first play.


To contact Kelly, click here.

"Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there."

- Meryl Streep

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